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2014 Bentley Continental GT – Review and Price

And why would not they be? The 2014 Bentley Continental looks as long as an institution bus, but as lithe as a sports car– and there’s no question that it’s pricey. The paint alone is some of the wealthiest we’ve ever seen. Bentley called this one “White Sands,” and they could not be a lot more.

Photo this. You’re standing on the beach on an island in the Caribbean, surges splashing, wind pulling gently with your hair. You reach down with both hands to scoop up the soft, white sand under your feet. Looking closely at it, it’s not really white, yet a dozen different colors of microscopic, shimmery crystalline pebbles, reflective with light, that come together to make a color most effortlessly categorized as “white.” Now pour that hand packed with sand over flowing sheetmetal, and you’ve discovered Bentley’s paintwork.
bentley-continental-side view
There’s not a single rough line on the exterior of the vehicle. It’s drawn entirely in curves. From the front, the Continental is reduced, broad and broad. It’s not angular with aero-work like so several some sports cars, but rather stately, with booked, yet powerful design.

There are four elliptical machine brighten front; the outer having wedding bands of LED daytime-running lights, and the inner collection made use of for the xenon headlamps. Those lights flank either side of a gigantic rectangle-shaped grille that looks almost as if it’s made from a finely woven strip of platinum dipped in chrome.
And, obviously, the wingéd ‘B’ is positioned squarely above the grille. Transfer to the back of the vehicle, and there’s a bit much more quaint beauty. If it just weren’t for the LED taillights, the chunky, rounded rump of the GTC could possibly belong to any of those mobster autos from the 1920’s. Its exhaust pipes are slim ovals, hardly recognizable from the back bumper.

Planning to the auto’s account, and you’ll find enormous, but gorgeous 21-inch tires, chrome trim, and sheetmetal that crimps to a practically Coke bottle shape in back, but not even to hint to American musclecardom.

Convenience of 2014 Bentley Continental GT

Inside, the Bentley is all leather, timber, and brightened metal. Linen and chocolate tinted hides embellish the seats, dashboard, door panels, console, wheel, and exchangeable boot. The console and trim items are veneered in a dark burr walnut, and its grain matches around the tool cluster, change lever, and traveler seat.
The round air vents advise us of those found in advertisement jets, but trimmed in light weight aluminum. Like so lots of other pieces of this auto, they, as well, adjust perfectly like they’ve been moistened so.


Press the start button and the vehicle triggers to life. It’s a quiet start, though, and one that would certainly go undetected if you didn’t check the tachometer. There’s no loud grumble from the exhaust, no resonance from the engine. That alone is a task of design, because the folks at Bentley have shoehorned a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 under the hood.
Around community, the GTC is surprisingly easy to navigate. Dare we say that it’s not entirely various than navigating an Audi A8, other than that you cannot have the Audi as an exchangeable. It’s coupled to an eight-speed automated and an all-wheel drive device that permit the GTC to be both exceptionally quick and sublimely smooth in just about any sort of climate problem.

The suspension, nonetheless, is soft even in its sharpest environment. While the 2014 Bentley Continental might be the sports car of the Bentley schedule, it’s not a track auto. It gladly bounds via sweeping arcs on motorways, however there’s an awkward amount of physical body roll to actually tackle sharp edges at broadband. To that factor, it’s the possibly the perfect car for those lengthy stretches of level freeway. Those crazy about mountainous journeys, however, might like an Aston instead.


Still, probably the biggest pleasure of navigating a Bentley is in fact being seen in it. It’s the kind of encounter that’ll make you feel important– pricey– and with so lots of individuals looking; you may discover yourself guessing at which star you think they believe you are.
And that’s specifically the energy that a Bentley possesses over individuals, also. Such a concrete screen of wealth isn’t an easy thing to fake. Practically any type of tale is halfway believable when you’re behind the wheel of a Bentley.

Given that the automobile was backed away into the press fleet, those photos of well-off entrepreneurship are once again merely a remote dream for me. I’m left with the memory of supple natural leather, astounding power, obtained self-importance, and the beginning of one horrible head chilly.

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