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2014 Bentley Flying Spur – Review & Price

The 2014 Bentley Flying Spur is a gold ticket in to a totally different airplane of luxury. Also if you’re accustomed to $100,000 luxosedans, the Spur’s sybaritic surroundings and upscale accoutrements seem a world away.The Flying Spur has actually been a Continental for most of its life, but there’s a small change for the brand-new design and the new model year.


It may not be the biggest, most costly sedan in Bentley’s lineup – that distinction concerns the Mulsanne – but few purchasers are most likely to discover the Flying Spur lacking in size or sumptuousness.
Outdoors, an official roofline and conventional Bentley radiator grille provide the Flying Spur a majestic air, while elevated back hips, vertical taillights and upswept personality lines include a tip of athleticism that’s greater than backed up by what lurks under the lengthy hood.
With 6 litres of displacement and double turbochargers, the Flying Spur’s W12 electric motor is capable of a supercar-like 616 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. Shifting responsibilities are taken care of by a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission, with outcome put to the sidewalk with an all-wheel-drive system including a 40/60 torque crack for involving, sure-footed driving characteristics.
Despite the large ultraluxury sedan’s substantial 5,400-lb. weight, the engine allows a zero-to-60 miles per hour sprint of merely 4.3 seconds on the way to a full throttle of 200 miles per hour. Fuel economy, seldom a consideration in this vehicle section, is rated at 12 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the motorway.
A flexible, computer-controlled air suspension makes certain that the Flying Spur provides the cushy ride anticipated of a Bentley while also guaranteeing limited body roll need to the motorist desire to test the handling restrictions.
The Flying Spur’s cabin shares a desirable dual-cowl control panel design with Bentley’s Continental assortment, full with a touchscreen infotainment device that that boasts Google maps compatibility. Integrated WiFi and an 1,100 Watt Naim audio system are available.
As one would certainly expect, large amounts of high-grade natural leather and lumber are present throughout, and the rear passenger compartment is positively palatial. Naturally, numerous interior and exterior design options are offered, featuring the bespoke Mulliner Driving Specification trim with its very own natural leather and wood options plus precious stone leather quilting for the furniture and door panels.
Both five- and four-passenger variants are available, and the back seats can be improved with additions like twin 10-inch entertainment screens and a nine-liter bottle colder. The champagne has to go somewhere.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur Price

Prices start from $200,500 for the five-seat Flying Spur, or $211,430 for the Mulliner, not consisting of a stiff $2,725 location fee.

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