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2014 Porsche Cayman – Review and Price

Porsche constructs 3 sports cars: the costly and power-oriented crown jewel 911; the a lot more approachable, somewhat touring-oriented Boxster convertible; and, using the Boxster body, the hardtop Cayman. The mid-engine, stiff-chassis Cayman is the motorist’s car of the 3, the Porsche most adjusted to the wishes of the dedicated, winding-road enthusiast. The 3rd generation 2014 Porsche Cayman is all-new from the body up, and much better in every respect compared to its precursors.

Design lineup

Porsche supplies the Cayman in 2 variants, base and S, the main distinction being the Cayman makes use of a new 2.7-liter 275-horsepower level 6-cylinder engine and the Cayman S appreciates a 3.4-liter 325-horsepower version of the exact same basic flat opposed, direct-fuel-injected powerplant. Both come common with a 6-speed manual transmission; the Cayman S utilizes the 911’s bigger brakes.
2014 Porsche Cayman S
Instead of trim degrees, the Cayman and Cayman S can be configured with an assortment of stand-alone choices for an almost custom build. Examples of brand-new choices are radar-based adaptive boat trip control, keyless entry (the secret fob still enters into the ignition switch situated on the left side of the dashboard in Porsche custom), as much as 20-inch wheels, torque vectoring, and many importantly, a selection of a standard 6-speed manual transmission or the speedy PDK “automated”– a computer-controlled and moved dual-clutch hand-operated gearbox. It either changes itself as a pure automated or supplies hand-operated paddle shifters.
2014 porsche cayman side view
For the new Cayman, Porsche has teamed with Burmester for the fee sound plan, and for hard-core vehicle drivers there’s the Sport Chronos plan with variable damping engine mounts for less driveline motion on the track.
There’s little to distinguish the Cayman from the Cayman S on the surface, barring badging and the Cayman S’s dual exhaust electrical outlets. Both cars have brand new describing, consisting of four always-on identification lights dealing with forward. With the a little longer and bigger chassis, the entire bodywork is brand-new and aerodynamically sleeker, but still with the distinctive Cayman form.

Under the hood

Comprehensive mechanical upgrades abound throughout the third-generation Cayman. Much more aluminum and high-strength steel in the chassis suggest a net weight loss of 66 pounds and a 40 percent gain in rigidity, while the engines are approximately 15 percent much more gas reliable (concerning 30 mpg freeway), yet a lot more effective. The wheelbase is slightly longer, the track is a touch wider and the tires somewhat taller for an overall increase in security and handling.
Technical upgrades feature electric energy steering; changed torque vectoring control; a completely upgraded standard suspension with stiffer, lighter elements; an optional energetic shock suspension (suggested); computer-controlled power charging and engine coolant circulation; hill-holding; and an electrically actuated hand brake, plus bigger size front brakes with stiffer calipers. Ceramic brakes are optional.

2014 Porsche Cayman Inner room

The Cayman cockpit has the cozy sensation of a cars, yet also holds sufficient space for almost professional basketball gamers. The feeling is ahead, with excellent eyesight to the front and sides, however there’s a slight bunker feeling to the back because the engine compartment prolongs up and down towards the roof covering promptly behind the seats (which still could recline rather for convenience). Porsche notes the location over the engine and listed below the roofing as luggage room, yet just light-weight, soft items should go there in case of an unexpected quit.

Describing is upscale throughout, especially with the optional all-leather trim that covers the entire dash. The tool collection, dashboard front and center console are busy with details both for styling and because Porsche thankfully offers fast accessibility to lots of components with buttons and knobs instead of electronic user interfaces. In sports car style the facility console separates the cockpit and puts the shifter up high, beside the wheel where it belongs.
A power-telescoping steering pillar suggests virtually any person can discover a comfortable seating position. Leg and breathing space are ideal; just high, long-waisted folks might acquire close to the roof. Common of cars cockpits, long-legged vehicle drivers will find a challenging side from the door handle pushing against their left knee during tough cornering.

Among the very best attributes of the mid-engine design is having two torsos. The 2014 Porsche Cayman’s rear trunk comes under the huge rear hatch and is vast and superficial; the front torso is virtually cubical and deep. There’s definitely adequate storage for weekending.

While driving

There are couple of places we would certainly instead be than behind the tire of a Cayman. Short trip or long, relaxed or driven with verve, the Cayman is a prepared companion with stimulating energy and excellent harmony.

Principal of the Cayman’s capabilities is an equivalent facility to either cruise conveniently or bill at racetrack rates– a skill helped with by simple access from the center console to the optional Sport, Sport Plus and more vigorous shock methods. Toggling these switches make instant, obvious distinctions in the Cayman’s personality. At roadway rates this at first turns up in ride firmness. The Cayman’s gait lacks services in Normal mode, picks up to company in Sport and is as well solid on the road in Sport Plus, unless the roadway is lifeless smooth or you’re driving extremely fast. Toggling in between Normal and Sport as steering opportunities enable is an excellent solution to the commuting-or-touring dilemma.
In everyday driving there is additional road and mechanical sound compared to in a sedan, and the PDK gearbox can set about its company with a recognizable mechanical precision. The 2-pedal PDK makes easy work of stop-and-go website traffic, nevertheless, and there’s adequate torque whatsoever rates and no problems with back exposure as in numerous cars. Alternately, the manual transmission goes to the very least as satisfying as the PDK.

The only spot the Cayman could acquire much better is the open road, where it rapaciously gobbles up miles. It nearly flicks with corners, pivoting conveniently around its mid-engine mass, yet is always steady– even at broadband.

Amping either the 2.7- or 3.4-liter engine lead to a significant rush and a fantastically tuned crescendo of Porsche’s distinct fifty percent mechanical, half exhaust soundtrack. Velocity is stylish; best for passing on secondary roads.

The few who will lap their Cayman on a road-racing track will find it totally composed and efficient in running auto racing rates as long as there is gas in the container. Tire clothing is minimal and brake discolor likely a non-issue (we’ve yet to lap the new Cayman on a brakes-intensive program). The carefully well balanced body benefits accuracy driving, and if understeer or oversteer is felt it’s certainly the driver’s fault.

Right for you?

If you enjoy driving cars, you’ll find the Cayman a serious, ready partner. Its worst attribute is its cost, suggesting fewer enthusiasts can appreciate one; its 2nd worst mistake is that it isn’t a 911 to status seekers.

The various other obvious contrast is to Porsche’s Boxster– a softer, a lot more touring-oriented play on the very same body. If twisting drives along secondary roadways under autumn foliage are the draw, the Boxster is the option; if open monitoring is the tourist attraction, the Cayman is preferred.

2014 Porsche Cayman rates begins at $52,600, and the Cayman S starts at $63,800. From there options are several, costly and preferable. A Cayman S not entirely optioned (no ceramic brakes), however cut with the PDK transmission, torque vectoring, natural leather, Burmester sound and other niceties zooms into the $95,000 variety, and full-boat instances quickly surpass the century mark.

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