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2015 Ford Kuga Release date and Review

All the car companies across the globe are investing huge on inventions and advancement of their vehicle models. All in a bid to keep up with the high competition in the market. Ford Company has not been left behind either. The company has announced the release to the market of their new 2015 Ford Kuga car model. The Ford Kuga is a mid-size SUV is set to be highly powerful and a great competitor to models like Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V, and Kia Sorrento.

Engine Specifications

Engine performance for the 2015 Ford Kuga is expected to be much better especially for the diesel engine. The diesel engine will entail a Duratorg 2.0 liter engine. This six-speed power shift engine will be able to produce up to 161-horse power and 340Nm torque. Its fuel consumption is set to be at 8.6L/100Km up from the initial 8.0 liters per 100 kilometers. With such kind of horsepower, the fuel consumption definitely will be slightly high. The idea of fuel economy here won’t apply since it has been upgraded to consume more. The petrol engine though for the 2015 Kuga is fuel efficient and still powerful at the same time.


With such power that the new Ford Kuga holds, its performance should be just amazing. This car will travel at a top speed of 187 kilometers per hour and is expected to accelerate between 0-62 miles per hour.

2015 Ford Kuga on the road

Design – Exterior and Interior

This car will comprise of five doors and it will weigh around 1707 kilograms. Its wheel that will be made alloy will range from 17 to 19 inches. The wheelbase will comprise of about 105.9 inches. The length will be at 181.3” while the height at 67.4” and the width 72 inches. Both the rear and front lights will be LED accompanied with automated headlight. The side mirrors will have chrome bezel. A much larger back spoiler will also be instilled.

Interior Design

2015 Ford Kuga interior

One admirable interior feature is the larger leg space created allowing for much more comfort. The seats are made of leather as well as the multi-function driving wheel, which coated with leather. The material used to design the interior cabin is of standard quality. The interior will also get to see a 5-inch system installed in it. It will be touch screen enabled. The device will be installed with myFord touch infotainment. The glass roof is equipped and is optional. The only slight disadvantage is that the trunk of the new Ford is a little smaller.

2015 Ford Kuga rear view 2

2015 Ford Kuga Release Date and Price

The introduction of the new model is set for January 2015 until then it will be hard to determine the price of this car. The Ford company just like any other car company will opt to announce the price of the new models the day they get into the market. The 2015 Ford Kuga will definitely come with a heavy price tag on it. However, from a rough estimation, the car will trade from $20,000 to probably $30,000.

In conclusion, this is going to be one the best car models Ford manufacturer have produced so far. Being afFordable and cost effective when it comes to fuel consumption and maintenance, it’s going to be a favorite for many people.


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