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2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Review and Price

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid is a new plug in model of this popular mini-van. This vehicle has a long history. It was produced for the first time in the nineties for Japanese market only. Its size was much smaller than other mini-vans on the market, mostly because of the crises that hit Japan during the first half of the nineties. Its configuration became very popular, but when Honda tried to export this concept to United States, it wasn’t received well, since Americans were used to bigger mini-vans.

That’s why to versions of Odyssey were designed, one for United States only, and the other for the rest of the world. This mini-van is produced in Lincoln Alabama. We heard rumors that Honda is preparing to release a new hybrid version of Odyssey in 2015 model year. We are not sure are those rumors true, but we will try to predict some of the feature new vehicle would have if they decide to launch it next year.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid side view

Design – Interior and Exterior

Honda Odyssey comes with lighting bold profile view which is very innovative for the boring mini-van class. Mini-van’s one box design is all about the functionality and there is no place for to much design innovations, but we must admit that Honda at least tried to make something attractive looking with all the chrome and other luxurious looking elements added to the exterior. New model comes with the nice innovation with the ”lighting bolt” hump on the rear window that improves visibility of the rear seat passengers and hides sliding door tracks. Its front fascia took more elements from Honda compact models than from crossovers of the Honda line up.

Interior redesign in 2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid version will bring only some cosmetic changes mostly to the control panel that’s going to come with more simple and functional design, instead of bunch of buttons that we can see on some other Honda and Acura models. New model comes with incredibly comfortable seats, nice support in all positions. Only fail is that middle row seats can be folded to the ground like in some other mini-vans. Base version doesn’t come with too much nice features, so if you want something special you should skip it and go directly for the Touring or Elite trim level.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid inteiror

The Engine range

Performance segment of the new model is the the biggest mystery for mot of the online reviewers. We think the new model will come with a 2,0 liter four cylinder engine paired with electric engine. There’s probably going to be another electric engine on front or rear axle. Combined power of these engines will probably go from 150 to 200 horsepower. We also expect a 15 kWh lithium ion battery as part of its hybrid system and a few drive modes, from all electric to gasoline only. We don’t expect new model to come with all wheel drive.

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid side view 2

2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Price details

Price and release date of the 2015 Honda Odyssey Hybrid are still unknown. Since this model hasn’t been presented yet, it might come in the spring of 2015. Price will definitely go up from the price of regular Odyssey mini-van which could be bought for $29,980 last year.

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