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2015 Jaguar C-X17 – Price & Concept

We waited permanently to see a Jaguar SUV, after that ultimately the Jaguar C-X17 concept got to the Frankfurt Motor Program previously this year. Now, heaven paintwork of that original show car has actually been ditched for silver, and Jaguar has actually allowed Car Express behind the wheel ahead of the production auto’s launching late in 2015.

It’s worth don’t forgeting that this is a hand-built concept so we’re not expecting the most refined driving experience worldwide, yet it’s great for showing off how the C-X17 will certainly look. Sitting in the blazing Dubai sunlight it looks fully a Jaguar, from its huge XJ-inspired grille to the muscular back wheelarches and narrow taillights borrowed from the F-Type.
2014 jaguar c-x17 left side view
The design team behind this concept is keen to see it through to production almost unchanged also; as Julian Thomson, Advanced Design Director revealed: “we’re not in the business of allowing customers down, we can’t show this concept then come out with something that looks nothing like it.”.
2014 jaguar c-x17
Step in to the log cabin and you start to get a feeling of just what the C-X17 has to do with; it’s the four-seat format and sporty F-Type wheel that uncover this isn’t a lot an SUV but a dynamic crossover. You rest relatively low down so you feel a little additional linked to the action compared to you do in a Range Rover.

2015 Jaguar C-X17 Engine

Beneath the chapeau is the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine used to terrific effect in the Likewise offered but f-type detuned in the XJ limousine and XF.
front view
Without any kind of sound insulation the roar of the V6 is always with you and there’s no polish on the ride or steering yet you actually get the feeling of being cocooned within the C-X17, much like you do in a sports car. That’s no accident, as design and design groups have worked together from day one to aid create these percentages, featuring a shallow glass and the long bonnet location.

In regards to exactly what a drive like this could really instruct us concerning how the C-X17 will drive, there’s really hardly any to find out. It is interesting to talk to the team behind the project and listen to how they want the production variation to be “the most powerful, the most efficient and the best-looking” auto in its class.

Those are aspirations that Jaguar holds apiece of its future line-up, and with a charitable head of vapor behind it, you would not gamble against a seriously strong future for Jaguar, strengthened by models like the C-X17.

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