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2015 Nissan Titan Diesel V8 engine

2015 Nissan Titan, will appear on the market completely revamped. For lots of years, Nissan did not connect wonderful value to the improvement and advancement of Titan. The 2015 Nissan Titan will certainly be back in a large method, and we hope that it will take the place it deserves.



In a successful stroke for Nissan, the new 2015 Titan will certainly provide a Cummins 5.0 L turbocharged diesel V8– an engine that was originally planned for a veteran partner of Cummins, Ram Trucks. This brand-new high-tech engine will certainly offer the brand-new Nissan Titan– a light-duty full-size truck– a torque-rich diesel power plant that will certainly put it in competitors with heavy-duty trucks from other producers. Below at Hilton Head Nissan, we are expecting providing this diesel V8 in the new Titan.
Nissan has actually done some research for their diesel motor. As drivers are progressively attracted to incite economic situation over energy and performance, many are deciding on diesel as a choice that offers both. Turbodiesel engines could net really impressive fuel economic climate numbers without sacrificing in regards to performance– in fact, diesels are characteristically torque-heavy, meaning that they’re especially proficient at drawing heavy lots.

This new diesel V8 from Cummins will likely provide a very convincing combination of gas economic climate and tireless energy. The ratings for the 5.0 L V8 will certainly be around 300 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque– that’s a shocking amount of power for a light-duty truck, and it’s not likely that a lot of various other automobiles in its class will certainly be readily available with anything similar.

Nissan says that, baseding on market research, around 17 & of vehicle purchasers would like switching over brands if there was a light-duty truck available with a diesel V8. That may not sound like much, yet consider this: Nissan marketed 10,0320 devices of the Titan for the very first fifty percent of the year, but if 17 % of vehicle customers were to switch brand names, that would certainly be essentially hundreds of countless additional consumers. Seems like a pretty engaging need to add this engine to the Titan lineup!

The 2015 Titan will be the ideal truck for those of you that tow the watercraft to the lake, tow one more automobile on a trailer, or tow a pet trailer periodically, yet can appreciate the advantages of excellent performance. We’ll let you called soon as we can provide the 2015 Titan below at Hilton Head Nissan. Until then, drop in our dealership and visit the 2013 Nissan Titan!

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