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2015 Toyota GT86 Price and Release date

2015 Toyota GT86 is a new model of the popular grand tourer coupe that’s developed in cooperation of Toyota, Subaru and Scion and it is sold under all three badges. This vehicle is sold in Asia, Africa, South America and Australia, while in Europe it comes with Toyota GT86 nameplate.

Subaru version is sold worldwide and it is called Subaru BR-Z, while Scion FR-S is sold only in US and Canada.Its name resemblance the AE86 model, which is considered to be its ancestor. Before this coupe was release, concept version was premiered in 2007 on Detroit Motor Show and it was labeled as Toyota FT-HS concept car. Project from which this model came out was called Tetsuya Tada and it was the cooperation of Fuji Heavy Industries and Toyota in making D4-S boxer engine.

2015 Toyota GT86 front view 2

Two more concept cars were made FT86 and FT86 II and they were presented on 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and 2011 Geneva Motor Show. On 2011 Tokyo Motor Show final production version debuted, while Scion and Subaru made their promotions in United States. New model was already spotted and photographed on Nurburing while testing.

Styling – Interior and Exterior

On the spy photos of the new Toyota GT86 it is evident that the main goal for Toyota in this model year was to decrease this model’s weight. That’s probably why they add so many carbon fiber parts, so in the new version hood, trunk and roof are all made out of carbon, plus some carbon intakes and spoilers which are going to make this car more wind resistant.

2015 Toyota GT86 interior

Interior design of the 2015 Toyota GT86 hasn’t been revealed yet. It will probably come with a comfortable cabin, with supportive Recarro seats and premium leather upholstery, together with leather wrapped steering wheel and gear shifter. Toyota announced that in this model everything is based on driver’s involvement so we expect some nice and comfortable, but also cockpit like cabin that resemblance those seen in race cars.

2015 Toyota GT86 side view left

Performance is the most interesting section when it comes to this model. From the position of new model’s hood one the spy photos from Nurburing we can only see it will probably come with turbocharged engine. It is probably going to be 2,0 liter inline turbocharged four cylinder engine that’s going to deliver more than 200 horsepower and around 250 pound feet of torque. It will come with a rear wheel drive only.

2015 Toyota GT86 engine

2015 Toyota GT86 Price details

Price of the new model is still unknown. With all these changes it will probably be more expensive than the last year’s version that could be bought for around $27,000. So for this model year we can expect to pay at least $29,000. Release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we think it is going to come in the beginning of next year.


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