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2015 Toyota Hydrogen – Spy photos & Review

In Tokyo, where Toyota held its initial public drive of the 2015 Hydrogen Car, we couldn’t help yet assume regarding that when firm officials informed us that the massive car park where we were driving would certainly be home to the Olympic Village for the 2020 games.

In the heart of among the most densely jam-packed urban areas on the planet, Toyota presented a short loophole to drive camouflaged sedans adorned in checkered black and white vinyl. “Three laps,” we were informed. We didn’t have much time to compile impressions of the brand-new automobile, therefore jotted intensely in a notebook in order that we wouldn’t forget exactly what we had actually just driven.
2015 toyota hydrogen side veiw
The sedans resembled the inoperative Lexus HS250h/Japanese-market Toyota Sai because, well, they greatly were, albeit with their interiors cut up and fitted with foam and cardboard and makeshift switchgear. Yet we were told that the chassis tuning and running equipment were largely going to continue to be in one piece for the production variation of the 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Car that is debuting at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. That car, we’re assured, will certainly be a sedan. Given that, we could tell you exactly what it resembles to drive a car that’s still two years far from daylight.

A Bunch of Hot Air

Part of the story with the 2015 Toyota Hydrogen Car is its cost. When it goes on sale, Toyota has actually claimed that the auto will be valued somewhere around $50,000. Toyota is going to be losing concerning $50,000 on each car, which is an impressive success, considering that the FCHV-adv Highlander prototypes that have actually been on the road for less than a years expense concerning 10 times as a lot to construct. Relatively talking, Cadillac shed additional cash on each 1957 Biarritz it developed (adjusted for rising cost of living).
2015 toyota hydrogen rear view
Just how did Toyota carry out such an accomplishment, you ask? The response is refinement and paring the automobile down to the bare basics. As opposed to starting with an all-new style, as Honda did with its FCX Clarity, Toyota has heavily tweaked the Lexus HS’s components for duty in the Hydrogen Car. The business has taken several of the same parts made use of in its hybrids– energy motors, battery groups, and electrical wiring devices– and adapted them for the brand-new automobile.

Where Toyota delicately covered the hydrogen storage tanks in the FCHV-adv in aerospace-grade carbon fiber, the Hydrogen Car will have 2 containers masked in layers that are comparable to they have to be– definitely of a quality to sustain 5 kilograms of hydrogen fuel, or almost two times the quantity of its crossover precursor’s storage tanks. Among the capsule-shaped cyndrical tubes will be situated underneath the rear seat, and the other will certainly be right behind it.

Toyota says that the gas cell pile– the hydrogen-to-electricity converter– will certainly be about a 3rd smaller sized compared to the FCHV-adv’s. That indicates less components and fewer metals. Which means a cheaper price. Toyota points out to expect 500 to 600 kilometers (regarding 310 to 370 miles) each tank of hydrogen, with an efficiency equivalent of about one kg of hydrogen to a gallon of gas. It’s Electrifying
With a spritz of water rushing to the ground, the Hydrogen Car removes, feeding what’s been indicated to be around 140 to 150 horsepower to the front tires. Examining simply a tad greater than a similarly outfitted HS250h– anticipate about 3700 pounds– the Hydrogen Car has sufficient immediate torque to chirp the tires. All you hear is some electric motor gripe and a compressor tossing hydrogen into the gas cell stack with an emphatic whir.
2015 toyota hydrogen
With an electricity motor feeding power to the front tires and a rather tight, tight suspension, this car feels like far more than just a tightened-up Prius. Its steering lacks any feel, yet the EPS is set to be hefty and transforms with a linear feeling that’s well-weighted and dynamic. We’re afraid to make use of the word “flashy” to describe it, yet that word is just some steering programming far from being part of the chat. Possibly the only part of the steering encounter that feels like it originates from a Prius is the brake pedal. Still spongy like the Prius’s, Toyota’s brake regen is among the most effective when it pertains to hybrids because it lacks the on-off ambiguity of a lot of hybrids. You push the pedal, the car quits– simple as that. There’s no guessing game with Toyota’s stopping pedal.

2015 Toyota Hydrogen selling

Early quotes are securing Toyota to market between 5,000 and 10,000 hydrogen automobiles yearly in California, Japan, Europe, and any place else the facilities eventually plants up. That number could possibly and must go up if hydrogen autos record on. Toyota’s coordinators never ever planned for the Prius to market even more compared to 36,000 devices each year in the United States.

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