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2014 Toyota Harrier – Review and Price

The upcoming 2014 Toyota Harrier is Lexus RX created Japanese market. It’s a mid-size crossover SUV. First Harrier was produced the year 1997, one year just before the first RX, since then Harrier was nothing else then rebadged Lexus RX. Lastly with 2013 model Toyota decided to make Harrier a special vehicle with original design and attributes. Since Lexus entered Japanese market as a specific brand name.

2014 toyota harrier 3

2014 Toyota Harrier Layout

We could see 2 distinctive things in brand-new Harrier layout, accept the noticeable stylish note taken from it’s coz Lexus RX we could view the new vibrant form of the automobile’s profile, which provides it some type of” Fast and Furious” appearance. As long as a SUV crossover can look that way. There are 7 colors available, 5 of them in the dark hues.

There are entire bunch of brand-new functions like extremely practical opening of hatch4 on journalism of a button and a program that allows vehicle drivers to established the hatch only partially which is extremely useful when attempting to established in a tight room.
2014 toyota harrier interior
Interior looks unbelievably modern. Touch-sensitive electrostatic activate the control panel are very useful. Center-console has a battery charger for smart phones. There’s a panoramic perspective display and integrated 4 cams that cover all the surroundings of the vehicle including blind spots.
Hybrid versions of Toyota Harrier are powered by 2,5 liter (151 CID) engine linked to a hybrid system. This allows the to have a fantastic fuel effectiveness, around 61,5 mpg. This model additionally had just 106 g/km of CO2 emissions on test performed by Japanese Ministry. Also these electric motors can create 152 bhp of torque or 197 when they work along with electrical motors.
2014 toyota harrier rear 2

The Engine range of 2014 Toyota Harrier

Models with gasoline engine could come in 2 or 4WD. Ones with 2WD have Toyota Stop & Start system which immediately restarts inner burning engine and saves from 5 to 10 % of fuel. Energy performance in these versions walks around 37 mpg with CO2 exhaust of 145 gpkm. Models with 4WD have Dynamic Torque Control and automated control of front wheels and 4 wheel drive. This system guarantees precise driving particularly in challenging weather like snow for example, by fine-adjusting torque distribution.

2014 toyota harrier rear view

2014 Toyota Harrier Price

Cost of Toyota Harrier on Japanese market goes from around $27 000 for standard (grand) as much as $46 000 for a Premium Advanced bundle (electric 4WD).

This design is going to be sold inside Japan soon, we are unsure is Toyota preparing to offer this automobile on various other markets. Given that Toyota Harrier is becoming more distant to Lexus RX, that’s visiting happen eventually or an additional, maybe with this year’s or some of the next year’s trim.

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